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Project Arrives to Prienai, Trakai and Utena

2009 Dec 8, Tuesday

On the 7th of December, project team arrived to Prienai, where coordinators managed to visit towns of Veiveriai and Jieznas. During the day, about 65 women have had breast

Projektą pristatėme Utenos Šapokos gimnazijos auklėtiniams

examination and listened to the lectures on breast cancer prevention.

By all means, none of our team members will forget the day in Trakai which was on the 8th of December, as we were able not only to introduce lectures on breast cancer, its prevention and voluntary wok but we also examined almost one hundred women and were treated with traditional food that area. Thousand thanks goes to Ms Nijolė and Ms Danutė from Trakai education centre for warm welcome and all the help.  

The 9 th of December was dedicated for Utena where our team has visited College of Utena, Health and social care faculty. We have received great help from Mr Eligija. Pupil from Utenos Dauniškis high school showed a great interest in the competition „School of Thousand Cranes“. We‘ve visited kinder-garden „Šaltinėlis“, Šapokas high school, dispensary and library of Tauragnai. During the day a number of women have attended lectures of breast cancer prevention, self-examination and the library has received a „pink shelf“ – number of books dedicated to women. There was also some time left for discussion about volunteer work and its importance.

“Pink Ribbon” minubus had reached Varena and Salcininkai regions

2009 Sep 23, Wednesday

In the end of September the route of the “Pink Ribbon” minibus was reaching Varena, Salcininkai, Zarasai, Svencionys regions and will be ending in Vilnius this year.

In Varena region 392 women had met with oncologists in September 18-20. Two of them were recommended to do further analysis.

325 women had visited the oncologist and were examined in Salcininkai region between September 21 and 23. The project was working in towns: Kalesninkai, Pabare, Gerviskes, Akmenyne, Baltoji Voke ir Jasiunai.

There 208 women were examined in Svencionys region where the team of coordinators and oncologists from Vilnius was working on September 28-29.

Pink minibus is turning to Zemaitija region

2009 Sep 15, Tuesday

The project was visiting Silale region.

The 1st day of the Autumn was spent in Kaltinenai and Kvedarna. During all day 93 women had breast examinations.

Nedelsk 0902 Silale 038On the 2nd of September we have worked in Silale town. The bus was parked near the Handicapted Association of this region building. All women had a chance to participate in the lesson of the self-examination against the breast cancer. In this town women were very active and we examined 133 of them during all day. In the afternoon the representatives and citizens of this town had gathered in the House of Culture where the photo exhibition „A Moment“ was oficially opened.

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“Do Not Delay!” participated in the international Breast Cancer Advocacy Conference in Bishkek

2009 Sep 15, Tuesday

Bishkek 2009Representatives of various  NGOs and governmental institutions from Kyrgystan, Kazachstan, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, US, Estonia and other Eastern European and Middle Asian countries gathered together on 4-5 September for fourth International forum in Bishkek to review advocacy of interests of women with breast cancer in the region. Lithuanian experience on this issue was spoken of  by the representative of the “Do Not Delay” project Ms Jolanta Kardelyte.

The presentations of different speakers revealed similar problems and women face similar challenges in different countries: lack of medical professionals – oncologists, low work performance of the checking cabinets in cancer detection, low responsiveness to the national selective mammography programs due to the lack of information, insufficient records, registration and follow-ups of cancer patients, etc. The speakers talked of the taboos that are slowly changing although still alive, especially in cultures like Malaysia. These taboo remain a serious hindrance to breast cancer prevention and successful healing process.

Lithuanian presentation was intended to share the experience cumulated throughout seven years of active work in the area of breast cancer prevention. The participants of the conference were impressed by the results of the “Do Not Delay!” presented by J. Kardelyte. The number of women who had breast check up in the Pink Ribbon bus exceeded 55 thousand this year and more than 500 women were  informed on the signs of breast cancer in their body. More than 15 thousand women already had breast examinations within this summer. Similar initiatives of the fund “Healthy Asia” in Kazachstan had almost 10 thousand participants within 6 months this year. The participants of the fourth breast cancer advocacy forum were fascinated by the idea of the “Do Not Delay” to send a “Letter to Mom” send to Lithuanian women every year on the Mother’s Day. This unique and very effective way to approach women through their child.

Fot two days in Bishkek the main theme of the speeches were that working together and sharing the experience we are able to change the fate of millions of people suffering from breast cancer. Ms Ksenia P Koon representing Seatle Cancer Care Alliance finished her speech with the quote of the US president Barack Obama (2008): One voice can change a room and if one voice can change a room then it can change a city, and if it can change a city it can change a state, and if it can change a state it can change a nation, and if it can change a nation it can change the world. Your voice can change the world.

Breast cancer survivor and popstar Anastacia sent wishes of strength to Lithuanian women

2009 Sep 11, Friday

Anastacia su AZuokieneIn the evening of 10th of September the initiator of the “Do Not Delay” project Ms Agne Zuokiene had a meeting with the famous popstar Anastacia in Vilnius, just before her performance that evening as part of her “Heavy Rotation Tour”. The singer told her story about her battle against breast cancer, the fight that started in 2003.  „Most people think that breast cancer is a disease that one is to be ashamed of because a woman becomes less attractive. I dissagree,“- said Anastacia.

The initiator of the “Do Not Delay” Ms. A. Zuokiene presented Anastacia a string of pink origami cranes and promised to make one thousand more if it is helpful to prevent the reviving of the disease. “Anastacia is a very strong woman, however, talking about breast cancer is not easy and not only to Lithuanian women. I saw that it is a sensitive and painful topic for the famous singer as well,”- said Agne Zuokiene after the meeting.

Anastacia was stunned at the fact that more than 500 women were warned on signs of breast cancer found in their body in the Pink Ribbon bus. The autograph of Anastacia on the “Do Not Delay” poster came together with her wishes to women suffering from breast cancer to be strong and turn to those who can support them. Anastacia says she is a fighter and is grateful to the doctors who urged her to have a breast screening because the disease was diagnosed at an early stage. Although the treatment and medication took several years, today Anastacia is a winner and as the breast cancer survivor urges every woman to have a regular breast screening.