Įrašai su žymomis ‘rizikos veiksniai’

“Pink Ribbon” minubus had reached Varena and Salcininkai regions

2009 Sep 23, Wednesday

In the end of September the route of the “Pink Ribbon” minibus was reaching Varena, Salcininkai, Zarasai, Svencionys regions and will be ending in Vilnius this year.

In Varena region 392 women had met with oncologists in September 18-20. Two of them were recommended to do further analysis.

325 women had visited the oncologist and were examined in Salcininkai region between September 21 and 23. The project was working in towns: Kalesninkai, Pabare, Gerviskes, Akmenyne, Baltoji Voke ir Jasiunai.

There 208 women were examined in Svencionys region where the team of coordinators and oncologists from Vilnius was working on September 28-29.